Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Past and the Future

2009....A very uneventful year in all quarters. Personally and Professionally I didn't see any major change.

On the Personal Front

There was more of worry rather than joy.With loved ones falling sick. In and out of hospital.My visits to the dentist ( which continue this year boooo hoooo!). Am totally fed up living an unsettled life...shuttling between homes. The flat is still unfurnished and cluttered. The the initial months did have a lot of travel the whole family enjoyed. Then there was Achu's little acheivements that brought in those moments of joy to make the year not so bad afterall.

On the Professional Front

The personal failures have tainted my professional dreams. YES that is the excuse I have and I stick with it. There is not an atom of enthusiasm. I want to improve, study and grow....but....am lazy and fuzzy and slightly dizzy ....

This year is not going to see me make any NEW resolutions
The old ones are crying for help....

2010 here I come .......

Ps. My Strength : GOD .....I am blessed and I can tell that a zillion times.

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