Saturday, March 26, 2011


However much we try to to be independent there are times when we need somebody. True. But in my case there's more to it. I am not the independent type. I have been brought up to be very dependent. I am still the laughing stock of many of my friends because I need to go through a whole range of 'sanctions' before I can do anything.

Sometimes it is irritating when you think " Hey I am 30+ and still need to inform people on what I want to do and am doing." No not sometimes...lately I have been thinking about this most of the time.But I don't have the drive to break free. Its rather comfortable when you have people around whom you can blame your decisions or inabilities on. That's exactly what stops me from being independent.

I do envy people who work around doing all they want to and much much more. I realise that I can be one of them very easily if and only if I break the strong self constructed cage I have put myself into.Initially this cage was created and guarded by others around me but today I safely remain in it even though I can open it and fly high.

Ps. Isn't it a crime to know one's mistake and just remain........? 

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