Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stories - All Aflame

All Aflame

Preetham and the whole of his territory was being tormented by the fiercely shining cruel summer sun. As he stood there gazing at the source of discomfort he pulled out his arsenal one by one. It was going to be a tough day.  

He knew his administrative center would be sweltering but it was his childhood blaze to be a ruler. His region may have been minuscule but what mattered was the power he possessed. The authority he held. He was proud to be who he was and it showed in his apparel and his mannerisms.

The well maintained moustache he often fiddled with when he caught an offender contrasted his receding hairline that exposed his glaring scalp. His crown offered some cosmetic balance. One wondered whether his expansive limbs made his tummy seem fuller than full or the restrictive paunch made his limbs look overworked.          

If it was not for him, his jurisdiction would be in total chaos. Everyday he directed his wards on how and when they were to proceed to their independent goals. On some days there were obstacles that would ruin his plans and routines. But he was always well equipped. Twenty years of experience in different regions had bestowed upon him the foresight to resolve contentious issues even before they crystalised.

Ram looked hot and handsome in a maroon and cream kurta. So did Iqbal in his sequined purple shirt and boot-legged jean. Shankar in formals didn’t have any plans to attend his ex-crush Farah’s wedding until his mates gate crashed and distanced him from his cool cozy office cabin into the sultry exterior. They enticed him with the heavily seasoned Hyderabadi biriyani and ghee oozing warm carrot halwa they would indulge in at the Nikah.

Shankar’s sizzling aerodynamic Yamaha Libero G5 took off exactly ten minutes before its sturdy drum brakes were tested. “Please Sir. Just this one time” pleaded perspiring Shankar as Preetham Raja, Traffic Inspector of P1 Pulianthope signal undauntedly wrote out a ticket for Rs.100/- under section 122 of The Motor Vehicles Act. “Triple riding is an offence. Pay up and one of you take the bus.” he sternly commanded, while focus on his terrain continued unabated like the scorching sun.         

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