Monday, March 21, 2011

Where am I heading?

I just read a friend's blog about feeling unsettled. I feel very much the same. Except that she was settled but felt that there was something more she needed to do and I am totally unsettled in every angle that exists.

Home front : We are still looking out for an apartment. With so many requirements in mind its impossible to get one. We vacated our flat last week and dumped all our stuff at Amma's place.

Office front: Haven't been doing much of good work lately. Everything I do is either pending approval, gets scrapped or is totally wrong. I have been getting frowns and complaints from all sides.

Health front: Put on oodles of weight. The discomforts that come with the flab are taking over my once energetic life.I remain a silent spectator,my mouth filled with food always.

Clutter here, Clutter there, Clutter Clutter Everywhere!

Ps. Wonder where to start ?? *A totally confused me

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