Monday, November 30, 2009

And blogs to read before I sleep...

Phew! Everyday when I check the blogs I read I keep scanning thru their blog list and then the chain jus keeps getting longer and longer...hop...hop...hop...

I wish I was put in a room the whole day and asked to read up all the blogs I want to read..with food and a drink from time to time...AND be paid a good sum for doing it....That would be my Dream job....:)

Some of these gals are so good ...blogs that interest me are
- always women centric blogs
- definitely crisp and funny blogs
- mostly mommy blogs
- sometimes art blogs
- maybe fashion and fitness blogs
- rarely male blogs
- never serious blogs

I get drawn to bloggers of similar

-Thoughts and opinion
-Situation in life..age might play a slight role :)
-Location ...Indian blogs interest me more

I get excited when I ralise that there a few other ppl out in the big bad world who are going through what I am going through....
- raising kids
- raising husband ( yeah singular it is and will be:)...)
- maintaining a home
- managing all the ppl in their lives
- trying to live upto expectations - of others and most importantly their own
- at work

Totally realxing when I read these blogs
Thank u bloggers
Thank u blog world

PS. Yup! I have Blogs to read before I sleep

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