Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Love to.....

  • Dance ...Would have loved to be a choreographer...Give me any song and I am confident I can dance for it...for sure
  • Write....Poetry is something I started very young. Strongly believe that it is one super way to express what u feel without another soul knowing what its all about.Now a days I blog ....while poetry was polished publishing ..blogging is DIRECT. Nope the 2000s don't need diplomacy in thought.
  • Draw/Paint/Sketch....From my biology classes to social science I found a reason to insert a picture into every answer I wrote...have entered many contests..still hunting for more...have won few...lost many....the love for art still earns to be nurtured 
  • Talk to Amma: I love to share my thoughts with my dear mom....she has always been there for every moment of my life . A great support and an inspiration want for abro/sis ends when i sit and talk to a days we rarely get the time to have our chats ...its all about what's for lunch dinner breakfast and achu
  • Read Comics and Magazines : Yeah am no avid reader...a light reader am I. Love to just lie around on a couch with a hot/cold drink some snacks and glance through comics and magazines...woooww....the last time I did that was during my college long ago that is :(
  • Watch TV : Oh I love to have a hot bowl of noodles in front of the TV. And with so many channels to choice from its a joy to toggle between them and get to the rite channel of choice :D 
  • Go to the Cinemas: During my school days and college days I could go to the cinemas with my friends only if a parent accompanied us... after which I could count the number of times i went to the movies...Marraige brought dreams of weekly trips to the cinemas ( asked for too much I guess) but the reality had 1 inspirational movie every three months after 2 months and 29 days of  perspiration!!!! Have to chide M to take me to the movie of my choice and found it bugging that now I have found a few gals who would accompany me with equal vigor.
  • Eat : I love food. Any kind. Like to experiment. Thought I could anything under the sun until the waiter at a posh hotel in sydney placed before me a half cook salmon on papad that had the stink that could kill a thousand roses ina sec. And then my eatable list was one short :) From Burgers to biriyanis...From Sizzlers to Sev puris....I Love Food ..M often asks me eat to live or live to eat.....he's of the former club while me happy to be in the latter clad :b
  • Be with friends: I could talk pages about this one....Its my dream to have friends all around me...I love to socialise and very much go by the words'Laugh and Be merry till the music ends...then play the next CD'!!!!!
  • Travel: By Air, on the track, by water or on wheels anything is ok with me....I think this happens to be the single thing God thought M and I have to have in common. M loves to travel too. Though we barely get to travel ...the times we did have been wonderful....My lil Achu loves to travel too...So its a family thing and am I happy :):):)
PS: This is a dynamic list ...It has to be :D

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