Thursday, November 26, 2009

Me vs My M's Gizmo World

I share my life with M with non-living things. I would like to describe these gizmos as nothing more than that. If there was a more basic explanation I would love to use it.

The I phone - Sure an apt name for that thingy that makes any person be happy being the 'I' and not 'We'. M spends most of his time on it, with it and for it. I wonder how life was before the invasion of cell phones. I practically can't get through a normal conversation without M getting a call or making one or just going into a trance glaring at the whatever resolution screen baaaahhhhh!

The Laptop - Occupies an equally strong position. Be it work or browsing or downloading he spends alot of the little times of togetherness we share with this laps all the attention.

The Camera - This was once an obsession..lately in the lean period but will gain momento when he invests in a advanced model.This craze would have gained consent from me only if he didn't fancy clicking only his I phone grrr/lap top/car/the lil flower in the garden rather than clicking some people!

Then there is the car and all that goes with it.He reads a thousand journals about it. Most of our outings after office have been to car showrooms for test drives. And my son is a party to this. Happy atleast the 2 of them bond when it comes to the cars in their lives.

If M instigates a chat it would be about the above mentioned stuff or about his car or about the next high definition home theatre that's in town.Now a days since M has ventured into becoming Share khan, he adds the market to his list of topics

I don't now whether to pity him since he has a partner who is least interested in all of the above and would rather be doing other things. If God made us live together amidst such vast differences it must be for a reason....

PS. If only I knew the reason .....coping with an alien would be much easy for both of us !!!!!

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