Wednesday, November 25, 2009


- Nothing is expected outta them...except by their wives :b which is not considered as a valid expectation
- Their mothers mother them ALWAYS
- Work lasts only until they are in office space
- They get to sit down and read the paper AND get the tea hand delivered..grrrrrrr
- They can walk out, walk in, take a trip at any possible time with or without any kinda prior notice
- Ask them their day's schedule and the answer is "I don't know"
- Their mobiles are busy/ringing/not reachable...they are in a very important meeting...
- They test drive a million cars a zillion times
- ONLY their time is precious and needs to be managed
- the greatest assumption ...they are always right
- and the tea cup lies in the drawing room until it is accidently broken by the kiddo or picked up by the woman to be washed and kept ready for tomorrows tea ...baaah !

PS. There maybe exceptions...but sighhhhhhh....they will remain to be exceptions for another decade!

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