Friday, November 20, 2009

Three Weddings and a Meeting

Tomorrow  21st November 2009  happens to be the most eventful day I guess....To start with ...since all the other days turn out pretty eventful when they end with no prior notice :- /

First Invitation I received nearly 2 months ahead was that of my office junior.
Then  My school friend's sister is getting married
Then my client's son is tying the knot too
So many knots all on one day

I think this day (22.11.2009) happens to be the last muhurtham for the year 2009...
The next muhurtham will be somewhere after 15.01.2010
and so the rush :)

Its gonna be Rush day tomo....and what I have decided is
Go for the day long meeting - get back in the eve- get dressed and go with achu and M for wed-1 reception- let Acha go for wed-3 reception- Sunday morn go alone or with achu or with achu and M for Wed -2

Ps - Hoping the day will be enjoyable..the degree depends so much on so many things...

UPDATE : Had my damn migraine attack :( so couldn't go to any of the weddings....managed to go for the enjoyable meet though :D

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