Sunday, September 20, 2009

Being an Angel

Childhood had me in the best of character. Seriously. Now I feel so not-so-good.As one gets exposed to a greater part of mankind one can't keep up to being an angel anymore. Atleast in my case that has happened. I have no idea from where all those yucky traits such as jealousy, anger, incompatibility, suspicions, doubts, insecurity and many more just crept into me. It feels miserable.

My parents adviced me that it isn't good for the mind and body. that's something I know. But I am truly human and ain't God to just let go and bear up with things that happen all around me! I always keep telling that it isn't tough to leave all worldly pleasures and pains and be a saint. The challenge is to remain a saint amidst the chaos and characters that surround you in the real world like my parents. They qualify a 101%.I tried and miserably failed....stopped trying since I feel it feels much better being what you really feel like being rather than suppressing your feelings.

Yes I know its about being good in the first place . So where is the question of supression you ask me. That thought just came into my mind. Hmmmm woow now that's really tough. If I wasn't a polluted person in the first place then it would be easy but now .....

PS. Being an Angel ...2 steps towards brings me 3 steps away always....but to the good am good that's about how close I could get to being the angel....:)  

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