Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Mind that Forgets

My memory has been bad for a long time now. Nope I don't blame it as one of the post-pregnancy effects since I very much remember I had this trait right from school. One forgets only if one has initially put it into the brain. In my case I  am pure lazy to even enter certain stuff into those grey cells of mine.Maybe am being too indifferent. That's me. Take it or leave it.

Sometimes I forget what I really need to remember. The real need arises when my forgetfulness hurts another. That's when I feel like hitting myself. Especially when the affected person calls me insensitive. I hate that.One of the ppl I hurt most of the time happens to be my dear mom. I love her so much yet there are these instances where I forget what she tells me to do and she does get upset about it.

- Names ( I generally mention it to the person am introduced to that I might ask them their name the next we meet)
- Dates ( note them as and when they are announced IF the calender is at arm's length)
- Things to do for the day ( lists work only when exhaustive but they end up being inclusive infinitely)

- Work ( Now that's serious since my memory loss might cause monetary losses to clients)
- Return calls ( while clients are satisfied with replies such as " was on another call" or " mobile was outa charge" Relatives.need a more creative reason.)
- ok I forgot what else to add to this though I know there are heaps of things I am forgetting to do at this very moment 

Hope I don't spend my whole life trying to start that war against every demerit I possess.....

Ps.Why is that my memory doesn't fail when I think about the ills ppl have done to me. They asked me to forget and proceed in life but I have a scene by scene photographic memory of every such incident that it makes me tuff to be my good self to these ppl....is this one more battle to conquer.....or lose ???????


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