Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Furnish Hope

Its almost 2 yrs since we shifted to our apartment and we still haven't furnished it fully. Until a few months back the reason was achu my son. I was a bit scared of putting in stuff that would hurt my active kiddo. Though M thought I was being too careful and overprotective.

Now achu has grown and we thought of moving on from living out of a suitcase. M and I shopped for a wardrobe which might be delivered at any point of time (for the past 20 days and the shop's representative has a 'not reachable' status). We received a 'Regret for delay' SMS yesterday. Atleast ...some hope!

Yesterday we went to some local furniture shops in search of a shoe rack but landed up buying a dressing table Neat one for the price.When it reached a littke confusin in handling and 'bang' the mirror panel just broke. Sheeeshhhh!

Now are we destined to live a unfurnished life or what??????

PS. Will take it as a challenge to furnish our home before the end of this month....yeah yeah add it to the list will ya

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