Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friends are all that I have got....

My friends mean so much to me. Being an only child I guess the void of not having a bro or sis has made me place my friends in that space. I have met the best of ppl and have found out through experience that it is the most comfortable and true relationship two individuals can share.

No other bond is so understanding. There are expectations and disappointments but the acceptance rate is much high in friendship. You tend to forget the faults...or barely see the faults of a friend...u enjoy the time u spend with them and appreciate everything good in them...Even during the worst of times if u have a friend to share it u are consoled.

Don't really know if having a bro or sis would be the same.Often feel jealous of ppl having a sis or bro. And scared of not having one.

Have made so many friends in my lifetime.....

Some I have know all thru my childhood
Some only a few months old
Some who I haven't spoken to for years
Some I cherish
Some I have lost and yearn to find someday

I know they will be there for me ...when I need them...Not because I am a perfect friend...but because I have been a friend...

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