Monday, September 28, 2009

To Love, Laugh and Hug

Life has become slightly hectic....a mad rush...not that it was any better before but then the effects of not being able to do the things I love is starting to surface....

I can't read the magazine section of the daily paper ( the only pages I read :)...)
I can't chit chat sweet nothings to my friends
I can't relax....
I can't jus stay for a sec not thinking about what next....
I keep saying 'yedhu cheyan' ( what to do ) with no perfect reason making ppl wonder why am so out of the world in the wrong sense that is
I can't get the time to take my lil one to the places he loves (yeah a mummy crime* that is)
I can't really get myself interested in coochie cooing with M  even though he somehow finds the time to..poor thing
I can't be the daughter I want to be

After all these can'ts....I don't have any satisfaction in what am doing
What's the point ...I think....
Am I running to Stay in the same place..
Or is my running taking me nowhere

Sheesh!...Am exhausted living this mechanical cluttered life....

Ps. If there be a reason to live let it be to love and laugh.....maybe hug too :D

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