Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life ?

This is not a happy blog....2 days and I have heard of 3 souls who have departed

Sri Thulasi - He managed our family temple in Trivandrum  Thozhuvankode Sri Chamundi Devi Temple for more than 35 years. He is behind the temple's disciplined growth.He still will. Early yester morning he went to pray. He fell at the feet of Devi and passed away.

Suresh - He is an AC mechanic. A very hard worker and would come to office and home every now and then to assemble a new AC ,service the ones we have or to answer a complaint. Everytime we had a 'AC related anything' it would be " Suresh-e kupidhungo" ( Call Suresh ). Just met him 2 weeks back at office while he was servicing and had requested him to come home to fix an AC in Achu's room.Now whose going to do that! :(

M's Relative - I had met her in Trivandrum some 6 years back. Just once. A very warm person. She has left us too.

All so sudden ...too sudden
Some people you meet often ...some you don't
Some people work around you and for you...some don't
Its all the same lost feeling when they leave you
I hate this feeling

Ps. ...........I hate this feeling.:(

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  1. Oh, sorry to hear that. But life must go on...and so it does!