Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Solitude Bandit

Being a single child
Isolation in life went wild
Slowly I evolved to love it
Today am a solitude bandit

To get that little time
I strive and whine
While its war at work
To-dos at home lurk

Company I surely need
But my space a bit more indeed
Loaded with overlapping tasks
I must adorn multiple masks

Lost am I in my own busy world
With people and thoughts distinctively blurred
Today loneliness is a myth
Meet me, the Solitude Bandit

PS. No this is not the poem I mentioned about in my last post . This one just popped out when a friend of mine wrote about wanting company....and I wrote "Here's my version of  not having ,then having and then wanting to not have any company. But I guess there needs to be a balance. While you need a 'with ppl' break I just need a 'without ppl' break :)  

1 comment:

  1. I luv this the most, The Solitude Bandit, goes at a bullet pace...nice attractive title, and truly has the poetic style.