Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Update

  • Amma finished her sabari mala trip and is back with a very bad flu. The trip went on well and she had a very good darshan.
  • While amma was away I had to 'manage' the house. Its not that easy when it includes managing 3 brats ( Acha, M and Achu) who don't have any intersections I could take advantage of. I didn't do very well but I 'managed' to live through...yes they did too.
  • Acha had his normal medical check up. The results are yet to come. Slightly worried with what the Doc is going to say. Prayers.
  • M left to Jaipur today. He should be back in two days.The roads seem smooth and we are making total use of the very little times we agree on things....watching movies,visiting malls, shopping, hunting for flats, test driving, planning holidays....Its been good for the 2 of us.
  • Achu actually loves it when am around.This guy doesn't show how much he misses me when am not there.I bunked office for a couple of days last week as amma was away and found out.  He takes these little breaks from play to come, search for me,hug me and kiss me...now how sweet is that. I love this fella. He is an absolute darling. Sometimes I just feel i need to stop working , stop his nanny and take over looking after him 100%.
  • Work front ..am being lazy. Not getting the drive to complete things. This is causing alot of problem. Will set things right by this weekend. I hope to. 

Ps. Life is slow. I like it that way. Hoping it remains the same cause I know how things can change in a sec.

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