Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Search Warrant

"Search and you will find
Something good in every kind"

Me penned down those lines a decade ago when a random id friend on chat asked me how I could be silent when slashed at and respond in a positive note over a sour incident ( oh don't even bother to ask ...what happens when you morph a hypersenstive ego boosted attention seeking id with a inteligent conversation?...a syn(c)tax error :)...it doesn't work plus you have a ammonia filled chatroom! ). It didn't mean much...much it got me thinking.

If you feel anything negative about a person always try to find the many/few things you like about him/her and loving the person will not be tuff anymore. It works. Try it.  

Its my turn today.

Acha: He is hard working, filled with love,doesn't care of what people talk about him, continues to do good to every person he can afford to help even if the person doesn't deserve it. His faith in God supreme. He is Mr.Postive.

Amma: Selfless *full stop*
M: This is tuff  :).He is a perfectionist. My personal gadget guru.Good companion for a road trip.Gives me my space.

FIL: He is straightforward, loving and genuine.
MIL: Her number one priority is family 
BIL: He is so good with kids. The best mama any kid can have.
CoS: Soft spoken
SIL: A person with presence of mind and inner strength
CoB: Calm and have never seen him 'show' his anger!!!

That felt so good :)

This blog will be too long if I have to type out all the postivity around me ( wow! isn't that wonderful )

Next time you try ...and tell me about it.

Ps. Actually I think I even wrote a poem when I realised these lines meant so much to me ..will search for it and put it up too. 

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