Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Light up and Lighten Up

The preparations for the festival of lights fills up every corner with excitement...

The Outside
- Clients come in with sweet boxes rather than the usual IT letters and everybody has the 'holiday' mood attitude at work
- every street has a cracker shop where you witness pre teen boys accompanied by their grandpas or pas scrambling through the colourful covers to find 'the' fireworks for the season both parties equally excited and teens loitering around and getting hold of the 'fancy and fierce works' to show off their skills at the community celebration
- its the season lighten your purse as well with offers innumerable...its the right time to get that LCD you wanted to watch Super singer on or the Smartphone you wanted to twitter on. Clothes in all textures and colours outline shops and eateries have never been so enticing with a kg of warm melting mysore pak free for a kg of anything else you get there are no deductions allowed on the kgs you gain
- find in each house the sparks of joy ...the joy of being together as a family....from skillfully placing and lighting lamps in directions to fight the wind , gossiping around  a dish-in-progress in the kitchen about 'other' ppl not really found in the house at the moment, watching the latest block buster re-telecasted for the 18th time on TV to sending that super fueled multi coloured rocket higher than the neighbours flowerpot.

The Inside
-Its dark I know but justifications I hold
-Its the time to let go of all that the heart holds and remain happy
-to start a new something...there's something associated to me feeling the urge to start something on every festival day....Don't know what :)
- Hug the goodness in life....Hug it tight

Ps. Light up and lighten up.......the season is clear :)


  1. WOW ... u r becoming poetic ... mm... super deeeeee

  2. Light up, lighten up...I like that! Hope you had a super-duper Diwali :)