Saturday, November 27, 2010

The TV, Movies & Me

Of late I have been catching up with a few shows and old/new movies...on TV and at the mall

I hate Luv Storys : No I don't :)...I actually love mushy movies with a tint of comedy. This one was ok. Imran is cute. As an actor ?...well this movie didn't require much on that front. Sonam Kapoor has got a very open smile...don't know if its fake but it good :D. The story is about a girl who is 'Girly' and a boy who is 'Boyish' and how they ...ahem! fall in love..what else did u expect?
Rating: 2/5

Wake up Sid : Same as above...Discovered that Ranbir can actual act! This story had something more than just a love story. A few tit bits about how easy the present generation (who have their fathers/mothers purse) looks at life, lack of discipline, lack of interest/confidence towards finding your true calling, friends, parents. I liked it. Konkana as the independent and patient friend turned lover is a terrific actor.
Rating: 3/5

Om Shanti Om: Am not gonna talk about king khan.:)...This is a movie I have watched tiny bits here and there. So when I had the time to watch the movie as a whole...I did just that :). Don't ahve anything to say. Its a total hindi movie that's all. I like the title song with all the stars. Catchy music and very colourful.
Rating: 2/5

Watched a few episodes of Emotional Athyachar , Big Switch, Koffee with Karan,Australian Master Chef and Modern Family : Don't look at me like that :)....
The first 2 were pathetic but one does get carried away you know. I might just watch it again if I have absolutely nothing else to do.
KK was entertaining. And since I got to watch the show with Ranbir and Imran immediately after watching their movies, I liked the show even better.
AMC is good but I like to watch a cookery show without so many breaks and so this show won't figure on my list.Because when you browse through the other channels during the ads and get back to AMC you would have missed a couple of primary steps .Right?    
Modern Family is really good. P told me it was so when I got that channel on my wish (coff coff) dish list I watched and loved it.

Endiran: What the hell am I doing ???? Writing about  Thalaivar's movie after 3 hindi movies!!!!!! Offence huh?  Late-a vandhalum latestdhane? ( Even if its late its the latest)
Technically good. At Rajini's age I hope I could do one millionth of what he graphically can do! Ash is lovely but she's the over exposed beauty....have been seeing too much of her (Nah! not flesh wise) that she's lost the charm she had in 'Kandukondein Kandukondein'.

PS. I have been denying my body the usual 8 hrs of beauty sleep to do all of the above...and it shows. Maybe next week I'll take a break from the idiot box and get back Break Ke Baadh ;b

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