Monday, November 29, 2010


I am worthless
I know.
I am lethargic
to change.
The heart wants
to make a difference
each day.
The mind quivers
and pains.

Around me
The Efficient live.
I admire
and unfazzled
I remain.
With doors
many open
I shut my
eyes tight.........!

Ps. Worthless me....Forgive me Lord for I am wasting the gifts....forgive me!


  1. you are worthless , you are lethargic , you are inefficient, you are scared..But that never matters ..

    you are an angel at heart who always( can) think good ! you have got a golden heart... That is worth a million buddy :) So .. thank God for such a priceless gift ... God knows what to give and where :)

  2. - Gee! Am not such a nice person don't make me guilty that am not what I seem to be :)
    - Hugs ...for a being such a wonderful friend :D
    - You'll have to be my enemy to see the bad in me :b...which YOU will never be :D